Music as a passion….

There are few things in Life which have no bound… love, happiness, passion… many people have many passions.. some people like reading, some love to travel, some takes up photography as their passion. As for me, ohh.. I love reading and travelling and if you ask me about one thing I cant live without, that would be music. Trust me, there are none or say, very few people who can say that music does not create any emotion or feelings when they listen to it, isn’t it?

Having said that… I am wondering is there any one who doesn’t listen to music at all or just does’t like it?? You do, right? I can vouch for myself that there would not be any single day passing by, without me listening to nothing…. Music can be associated with anything you can relate to, it brings out love, passion, tears, joy, brings out the deeply rooted emotion within you, makes you remember your first love or the day you proposed, your first break up, day you lost someone really close to you…. it has the power to stir your mind and memory…

Let me know what kind of music you love listening to and is there any particular song you love to listen. Thanks for your time and let me know about your interests in the comments section below. Bye…!


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